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Valentines Day

Valentine's Day 

Some people think it's a great marketing scheme; some significant others wreck their brains to find an extra special way to show their love one that they are really special and love them with every fiber of their being

To me Valentines day is a day full of romance. I love valentines day... one reason is I am a hopeless romantic.. (thus the reason why I am a wedding planner.).. the other reason is "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!  Isn't that funny.. a wedding planner that was born on what is known as one of the most romantic days of the year. 

Every year I get to watch people who come from completely different back grounds find each other, become hopelessly in love, then stand at the alter and declare " for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death due us part" I DO!

I get to watch brides walk down the aisle fighting back the tears; and watching the grooms turn to see their bride for the first time and watch him fight back the tears... It is a magical moment!

I truly believe that being born on Valentines day destined me to be an agent of Love.

Rose of Sharon was born out a passion for Romance..  a desire to see others have the love that I have found.  

 Love on someone today.... never let a day go by with out telling someone that you love them... then Valentines day wont have to be just one day... but every day.

Happy Valentines Day!