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Savings When Planning a Wedding - Post copied from our Face Book Page

Write your post here.HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

Whilst I am updating the blog, I had a thought that I wanted to get out to everyone really quickly to those that may have gotten engaged for the holiday season...

When my husband proposed to me during the Christmas of 1995 (wow that seems like a life time ago...LOL)... I was soo excited that the very next business day I contacted the places I wanted to look at to have my reception.  The vendors faxed me their 1995/96 price list and contracts (..(no email back I settled on a location for 1998... 

By making a decision early I was able to get the rates and policies of 1995/6.  

There are a few things that you should book ASAP, reception location, photographer, videographer and Wedding Planner.. 

For some a Wedding Planner is a last thought, when in reality if they had been bought in early in the process couples can take advantage of vendor deals and cost saving ideas.  

Any who... look our for our blog entry later today, congratulations to the new soon to be couples and HAPPY NEW YEAR!