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Left Brain and Right Brain Approach Planning a Wedding.

2012 was an extremely busy, and 2013 we are declaring to be even busier. 

Many couples changed the course of their lives this Christmas and New Years, by declaring that they intend to commit themselves to each other.

Engagements are experienced by the groom-to-be and the bride-to-be differently.  

For most brides-to-be, the time is filled with the excitement of being able to  "FINALLY" have the day that she dreamed about for a long time.   They start collecting magazines, putting together idea books or online idea sites etc, they watch style weddings and every wedding show (good, bad and ugly) to get ready for the great day.

Whilst most grooms-to-be are excited about getting married they are not really consumed with things like colour, flowers, fabrics.  I have found that MOST men are concerned with the cost of the wedding....

Both approaches to planning are wedding are important, and the successful couple knows how to respect the others approach to the planning process....

Now there are extremes... 

  • such as when the bride plans everything and the groom just shows up  
  • the groom does all the planning and the bride just shows up... (very rare, but I have had my share)

Which ever way works best for you keep the lines of communication open and remember that your wedding day is for BOTH OF YOU!

Now.... in regards to parents involvement... that is a whole other post...LOL