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Choosing The Best Destination Ceremony and Reception Site

My Advice

Yesterday I met with a really lovely couple.  We toured the island looking at various sites for their reception, (they had already chosen a beautiful ceremony site).

As we drove, we spoke about the different sites and what the pro's and con's were for each site.  I shared this nugget with them and I felt compelled to share it with you..

When having a local wedding, outside of immediate family, one rarely has to consider the intricacies of their guests, i.e. the amount of stairs, do they have elevators, children activities, bachelor and hen night activities and how they will impact the guests.  The reason for that is for the most part when you live in the area of the wedding ceremony and reception, if you want to attend you find ways of accommodating the bride and groom in their decisions. 

However, when you are planning a destination wedding you must not only consider what you want, but always some of the needs o of your client.  I always put forth the following points to my clients:-

  • how will most of my guests be travelling to the wedding, cruise ship or air arrivals
  • do you have any elderly or physically challenge guests... individuals that may require extra assistance getting to the site you are considering?
  • are there any children attending the wedding?
  • what are the ages?
  • in what capacity will they be involved in the wedding?
  • what are some of your guests interests?
  • are there activities in the area that will allow them to enjoy their vacation whilst at my destination wedding?

There are more, but these will get us started.  When you have a destination wedding you are asking people to spend large sums of money to come on vacation to participate in your new chapter in your life; and when you start looking at, at least, these seven points, it shows your guests that their being there with you on your momentous day, was so important that you considered some of their needs.                                                                             Let me explain the thoughts behind the questions:-

How Are The Guests Arriving to The Wedding
If your guests are cruising to the wedding a lot of the amenities that they will need and want will be aboard the ship.  However IF your guests are flying to the wedding, then the location of the reception is a major factor.  You should consider things, (and the three points about the children come into play here),  

  • do you want to stay on the same property as the reception so that your guests can retire to their rooms when they or the guests with children are ready 
  • do you want to provide transportation for our guests to be transported back to their accommodations  when they are ready
  • what activities will the accommodations that you choose have for children 
  • do they even allow young children on the property

Elderly and Physically Challenged
Most of our couples want to get married on a beach that is secluded yet public, and Bermuda has quite a few of those.  BUT, some of them do not have easy access, and it can be very challenging getting guests that are not nimble, agile, or in reasonable good health to them...

Guests Interest
Most times when choosing a hotel for a reception site and the one you will stay in, you should look at what the hotel provides and consider what are some of the common interest of your guests... are they all party people, do they all enjoy golf, are they spa fanatics, are they adventurous people who love to try new things...

The biggest mistake people make is look at how beautiful a property is, and how wonderful the pictures look, BUT they rarely consider anything else. Quite often not considering these things cause undue stress at a time when your minds should be on wedded bliss.  

Activities Whilst Attending the Wedding and What Will the Children Do?
One of the talking points yesterday was the Hen Day and the Bachelor Day... (no, not night DAY... 24 hours...LOL this is going to be fun).  And we noted that there were mommies that wanted to be apart of the Hen Day and daddies that wanted to be apart of the Bachelor Day, at least some of it.  So one of the properties we looked at had a Kid's Camp, kiddie pool, arcade room, onsite spa and onsite golf course.  Now this site allowed everyone one to have their cake and eat it too.  Parents can participate, whilst children have a mommy and daddy FREE DAY...   If they couple choose this site, the couples guests will truly be able to say that all of their desires were met.

I know this was a long entry, but I really wanted to give this nugget to my readers, as they prepare for their weddings in 2013 and beyond.