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The Best Time To Get Married In Bermuda


The answer to that question is... It all  depends on what your season is... Summer or Winter. (We REALLY only had two seasons Summer and Winter...LOL). 

Are you one that loves penetrating sun, or do you love the idea of being able to wear spring and summer clothes in  October, November ... sometimes December and March.

Summer weddings are beautiful.  I always suggest having the ceremony early morning (6:30 - 7:00 a.m.) or early evening (5:00 p.m.  onward). The Bermuda sun whilst beautiful for bikinis and shorts, can make the day tortuous when you are all dressed up because if its intensity; and it can be dangerous for elderly people that may not be used to the level of heat..... (Bermuda heat is not dry it is very humid, 90 degrees can feel like early 100's.)  

We have done weddings at 7:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m. and I can tell you that once that sun hit the sky it was penetrating. We were sweating like it was high noon, looking for shade whilst the couple and bridal party took pictures.  

How do you get the best of both worlds?  How do you manage to have the beautiful summer "Midday Outdoor Bermuda Wedding" without causing my guests any undue distress? An Canopy....... allow for a canopy in your wedding budget.  Most, if not ALL of the best locations have the least amount of shad; but an elegantly decorated canopy would be perfect, and add another level of elegance to your special wedding day. 

Weddings from October - May, are more comfortable.  The sun is just a bright as a summer day, BUT the heat is not as intense.  For example, it's Thanksgiving Weekend and people in Bermuda are still wearing shorts and short sleeved shirts.... ooo and yes flip flops..LOL..  An outdoor wedding this weekend would be comfortable for everyone and you would get the same effect as if you had gotten married in the summer. 

If you choose to get married one of these months, you should also to consider the following:-
  •  a back-up venue (rain can sometimes be a bigger factor during these times)
  • if indoors in not an option have can you have the best of both worlds, a semi outdoor wedding i.e. a tent, and choose a location with beach access

This year has not been the best for predicting what Bermuda weather.. (I have NEVER experienced a freak storm in June before.. or hurricanes back to back like I have this year... thanks a lot global warming.) BUT.....Bermuda is still the best place on earth to get married.

So when considering what day you want to have think about how much sun do you really want to have, then choose the season.