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The Joys of Being A Wedding Planner

The Reason Why I Love Being A Wedding Planner

Rose of Sharon -  Wedding in Purple in BermudaThis weekend we coordinated a fairly large wedding for two very special people. This wedding was two and a half years, five visions and 3 table settings in the making; but at the end of it all it was not the decor that made my heart feel like this is why I do what I do; it was not the romantic ceremony, it was hearing the bride at the end of the night tell me "t\Thank you for all the advise you gave me.  Thank you for encouraging me to wait.  If I had not listened to you I don't think that my husband would be as happy as he is."

There are times that I wonder about the path I have chosen, then I have a bride tell me something like that.   It reminds me of why I do what I do.  It makes all emails of a shade of pink,  all the phone calls about flowers and table arrangements worth while.

Seeing a couple look into each others eyes and realize that the world is stopping just for them, to say "I Do" and pledge to love and support one another till death parts them; reminds me " Why I love being a wedding planner!"