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Destination Wedding - Sunset Wedding In BermudaWhen we woman were little girls, many of us dreamed of being Cinderella, or Snow White and marrying our prince charming. 
The day was perfect - from the weather, to the most minute detail on the tables.  NOTHING was left to chance and in our "dreams" money was not even a consideration.
In the movies, you never saw Cinderella or Snow White fussing over the details, all you saw was them gazing into the eyes of their prince charming as they said I Do!.
As we grow up and we are asked to become the soul mate of the one we want to spend the rest of our lives with, that dream seems more of a reality.  We start to focus on venues, colours, fabric, centre pieces, all the floral decor, shoes, dresses, music, seating charts, pictures, videos  etc...and as time gets closer and closer to the date, frustration can set in and we can lose site of (even if its for a brief moment)  what really matters.....
The ceremony last for 35 minutes to 1 hour, the reception is 6-8 hours long, but after everyone is gone and it is just the two of you in your honey moon suite.  All that you that you focused on is gone by in the blink of an eye and now your looking into the eyes of "what really matters"..... the love of your life.
At Rose of Sharon, whilst we pride ourselves in making dream weddings a reality, at times like this we always point our couples back to "what really matters" the one they are marrying. 
Hiring a detailed oriented wedding planner makes that time a lot less stressful.  We are there to assist you when you have too many opinions going on and you need to be pointed back to the right direction.
So remember when you are planning your dream wedding, you can have the wedding you dreamed about but always keep before you... WHAT REALLY MATTERS!...Your Prince Charming!