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Living in a Vacation Paradise

Living on an Island Paradise, at times I can forget how fortunate I am to be able to wake up every morning to blue skies, pink sand and turquoise water right, outside my door.  I wake up to rainbows that drawn outside my kitchen door.  And yet at times I still take it foregranted...
Beautiful BermudaThis weekend was Easter, and I just stopped for a few minutes to breathe it all in.... I allowed my ears to take in the peace; I set my eyes to soak in the scenery; I commanded my ears to listen to the waves crash onto the shore.
Destination Beach WeddingToday we had a Bermuda Wedding.  It was so beautiful... we were against at tight time line; we had to wait until the tide and receded, just right, before we started the set-up... which was 45 minutes before the ceremony...LOL... did we pull it off?.... you tell me what you think.  I watched as the guests they just sat, they looked around and breathed in the atmosphere.  
Then I realized that I have to learn to take more local vacations and enjoy what I have and where I live.
Being a wedding planner is a lot of work, I will never deny that, BUT it gives me the time to work, and sit back and take quick little vacation...