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Destination April Weddings
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Destination Wedding at Whale Bay In BermudaApril weddings are both beautiful and nail biting. Why would I say nail biting? Because April is one of the most unpredictable weather months of the year in Bermuda.
Brides come to Bermuda for a destination wedding because of our beaches, or our parks that over look the blue waters.  The saying, "when the US sneezes Bermuda catches a cold", rings especially true for this time of the year.
If there is unsettled weather coming off the East Coast of the US, there is a 80% chance that Bermuda will catch some of it. HOWEVER, there is a little know fact, that we here in Bermuda thinks is actually funny.
The forecast can say rain for Bermuda and seeing that Bermuda is 21 miles of land and there is hundreds of miles of water surrounding us... WHEN it says it's raining in Bermuda quite often it's raining over the ocean.
Here is an interesting story, when I got married 14 years ago I had an outdoor wedding; and it rained all around the island ACCEPT in Southampton where our wedding was... It was overcast (a perfect picture and video day) a slight breeze and Bermuda Longtails flying all around.