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Valentines Day

Valentine's Day 

Some people think it's a great marketing scheme; some significant others wreck their brains to find an extra special way to show their love one that they are really special and love them with every fiber of their being

To me Valentines day is a day full of romance. I love valentines day... one reason is I am a hopeless romantic.. (thus the reason why I am a wedding planner.).. the other reason is "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!  Isn't that funny.. a wedding planner that was born on what is known as one of the most romantic days of the year.

Left Brain and Right Brain Approach Planning a Wedding.

2012 was an extremely busy, and 2013 we are declaring to be even busier. 

Many couples changed the course of their lives this Christmas and New Years, by declaring that they intend to commit themselves to each other.

Engagements are experienced by the groom-to-be and the bride-to-be differently.  

For most brides-to-be, the time is filled with the excitement of being able to  "FINALLY" have the day that she dreamed about for a long time.   They start collecting magazines, putting together idea books or online idea sites etc, they watch style weddings and every wedding show (good, bad and ugly) to get ready for the great day.

Savings When Planning a Wedding - Post copied from our Face Book Page

Write your post here.HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

Whilst I am updating the blog, I had a thought that I wanted to get out to everyone really quickly to those that may have gotten engaged for the holiday season...

When my husband proposed to me during the Christmas of 1995 (wow that seems like a life time ago...LOL)... I was soo excited that the very next business day I contacted the places I wanted to look at to have my reception.  The vendors faxed me their 1995/96 price list and contracts (..(no email back then.

What Really Counts at Christmas

December 25th is spent different ways by everyone around the world. But to a woman, that party plans all year round, time with my husband and children is what matters most to me. After time reflecting on the true Spirit of Christmas, watching the smiles on their faces and hearing the joys of excitement as they open their gifts. Nothing can beat times like this, just quiet personal time with family. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Blogging on the Go

Christmas is coming real soon, and I am testing ways to be able to blog whilst I am "on the go". We have had a few comments saying how they enjoy the insightful posts, so I want to be able to blog more. Well, here we go. Many will get engaged over the Holiday Season, and whilst the men will be excited that they have popped the question.... The women will be showing off the Looking to set a date, then figure out how to make their dream wedding a reality. Remember Rose of Sharon specializes in "Making Dream Weddings A Reality. Give us a call. P.S. men you will actually score browny points if after you propose, that you do some research yourself of what you both would like on your wedding day. So long for now!

New Season

We are in our off season, and during these times we are assisting brides prepare for their 2013 and 2014 weddings, but it is also the time we review and revise our Face Book page and our Website.

Well we have revised our website and given it a new look.. Let us know what you think about it...

Looking forward to a bigger and better 2013 Season.

Choosing The Best Destination Ceremony and Reception Site

My Advice

Yesterday I met with a really lovely couple.  We toured the island looking at various sites for their reception, (they had already chosen a beautiful ceremony site).

As we drove, we spoke about the different sites and what the pro's and con's were for each site.  I shared this nugget with them and I felt compelled to share it with you..

When having a local wedding, outside of immediate family, one rarely has to consider the intricacies of their guests, i.e.

The Best Time To Get Married In Bermuda


The answer to that question is... It all  depends on what your season is... Summer or Winter. (We REALLY only had two seasons Summer and Winter...LOL). 

Are you one that loves penetrating sun, or do you love the idea of being able to wear spring and summer clothes in  October, November ...sometimesDecember and March.

Summer weddings are beautiful.  I always suggest having the ceremony early morning (6:30 - 7:00 a.

The Joys of Being A Wedding Planner

The Reason Why I Love Being A Wedding Planner

Rose of Sharon -  Wedding in Purple in BermudaThis weekend we coordinated a fairly large wedding for two very special people. This wedding was two and a half years, five visions and 3 table settings in the making; but at the end of it all it was not the decor that made my heart feel like this is why I do what I do; it was not the romantic ceremony, it was hearing the bride at the end of the night tell me "t\Thank you for all the advise you gave me.  Thank you for encouraging me to wait.  If I had not listened to you I don't think that my husband would be as happy as he is.

What Really Counts

Destination Wedding - Sunset Wedding In BermudaWhen we woman were little girls, many of us dreamed of being Cinderella, or Snow White and marrying our prince charming. 
The day was perfect - from the weather, to the most minute detail on the tables.  NOTHING was left to chance and in our "dreams" money was not even a consideration.
In the movies, you never saw Cinderella or Snow White fussing over the details, all you saw was them gazing into the eyes of their prince charming as they said I Do!.
As we grow up and we are asked to become the soul mate of the one we want to spend the rest of our lives with, that dream seems more of a reality.

Living in a Vacation Paradise

Living on an Island Paradise, at times I can forget how fortunate I am to be able to wake up every morning to blue skies, pink sand and turquoise water right, outside my door.  I wake up to rainbows that drawn outside my kitchen door.  And yet at times I still take it foregranted...
Beautiful BermudaThis weekend was Easter, and I just stopped for a few minutes to breathe it all in.... I allowed my ears to take in the peace; I set my eyes to soak in the scenery; I commanded my ears to listen to the waves crash onto the shore.

Spring Time Weddings

Destination Wedding at Whale Bay In BermudaApril weddings are both beautiful and nail biting. Why would I say nail biting? Because April is one of the most unpredictable weather months of the year in Bermuda.
Brides come to Bermuda for a destination wedding because of our beaches, or our parks that over look the blue waters.  The saying, "when the US sneezes Bermuda catches a cold", rings especially true for this time of the year.
If there is unsettled weather coming off the East Coast of the US, there is a 80% chance that Bermuda will catch some of it.