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Frequently Asked Questions
Does Rose of Sharon charge by the hour or percentage base?At Rose of Sharon, we understand that weddings are on a budget, thus we work to keep within your budget.  With that said for our Destination Weddings and Bringing It All Together Packages we charged at a set fee; for our Unique Rose Package we charge a percentage on the total cost of the wedding*.  

We are getting married in Bermuda in 18 months, I would like to start the legal paper work now.   What is the process?Marriage licenses are valid for 3 months, thus the application must be submitted between 6 weeks to 3 months of your wedding.  

  I am cruising to Bermuda to have my wedding on land, but I want to bring my own bouquets, is that possible?Unfortunately, US customs does not allow cruise guests to bring any form of vegetation on board ships.  Wedding bouquets may be purchased in Bermuda, but cannot be taken back to the ship. At Rose of Sharon, we have a bouquet ceremony that allows everyone to get involved.   

  My Fiance and I are planning to get married in Bermuda, but we would like to bring our own photographer;  is that possible? Unfortunately, Bermuda law does not allow overseas guests to bring a photographer to the island for a photo shoot, unless they have been granted a temporary work permit.   

  My friend is a licensed minister, and we would like them to marry us. How do I go about that?According to Bermuda law, a minister must be sponsored by a local denomination; a license to perform marriages must be secured by the denomination and a temporary work permit acquired.  

  Is my marriage valid in other parts of the world, if we get married in BermudaAll marriages performed by a minister licensed to perform weddings in Bermuda are legal world wide.

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