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Dream Bermuda Weddings
Bermuda's Two Perfect Colours Pink and Blue with the Bermuda Moon Gate
The gentle Bermuda sea breeze blows through your hair; the water ebbs the shore line keeping rhythm with Air on G, as it is carried by the wind down the beach.  The love of your life waits  for you under a flower covered arch.  The soft pink Bermuda  sand feels warm beneath your feet, and your heart beats with anticipation as the day you have dreamed of all your life is finally here.

Maritime Museum Nuptiuals - French Canadian Wedding At Rose of Sharon, we pride ourselves in being a premier destination wedding company.  
Your engagement should be spent picking out colors and choosing the garments you will wear.  
Give us a call so that we can do all the leg work. No detail is too big or too small; we want you to sit back, sip champagne, taste cake and smell the Roses.
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